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Sea and Beaches Holbox island (Quintana Roo)

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Holbox (read Holbosh) is a Caribbean village on a piece of sand that is surrounded by mangroves and shallow crystal sea. The majestic asphalt street that leads from the little port soon changes into a dirt road full of holes and stays that way for the rest of the island. There are no cars here, just golf carts, bikes and your own feet. But don´t worry, the village is about 8 blocks wide and 12 blocks long. The houses are colorful, mostly of them wooden, some broken, Caribbean. Around the main square and along the beach you will find cozy restaurants, bars and shops. Unfortunately the prices are rather high and even the daily paper has an extra “island” charge. But still, Holbox is definitely a cheaper option to other Caribbean destinations in Mexico.

What here: The island is one big natural reservation. The sea is shallow and calm, perhaps too much. The white sand beaches fill every morning with variety of shell and conch. About 100 meters from the beach the seafloor rises again and forms a line of small sand islands, where pelicans and pink flamingos fight daily for space. On the right, once passing the hotel zone you find yourself in a magical land of mangroves, swamps, green jungle, iguanas and white dry tree trunks. The last hotel on this side is a big resort called Las Nubes. Half an hour from there is the end of the island. To see Holbox you can rent a golf cart or a bike (100 pesos a day).
There are no coral reefs around Holbox good for diving. But people (crazy people) get here during the summer to swim and dive with “Tiburon Ballena” (whale shark) which is the huge attraction of the island. Unfortunately I missed this great opportunity since when I was here it was not the shark season. Pity. You can also fish or take a trip to the islands around to see birds and then swim in a beautiful lagoon “El Ojo de Agua” (cenote Yalahau).

Where to stay:
Most of the accommodation is in small but pretty “cabaňas” (80 to 120 dollars a night). You´ll find them along the beach on the other side of the island from the port. You might try Holbox Dream (95 a night), a nice small resort 3 blocks away from the village centre with a swimming pool and palm trees. Another recommended place is La Palapa. The nicest then would be Villas Paraíso del Mar. Its reception is lighted in the night, the designers wooden chairs, white corals and curtains from shells are a unique experience. The night starts at 120 dollars.

If you are looking for something cheaper, then search in the centre of the village. I recommend Golden Holbox. In a big garden with kitchen facilities you can choose from dormitorio (120 pesos), a room without bathroom (400 pesos) or with a private bathroom (500 pesos).

There are no banks, neither atms at Holbox!

How to get here: Take an airplane to Cancun. Then buy a bus ticket from ADO, inside the airport hall, to get to the bus terminal of Cancun (46 pesos). Once in Cancun you have to look for a second class buses to Chiquila (try Centro, Mayab or Norte). If you are here late in the afternoon and there are no more direct buses to Chiquila you have to change the bus in Kantunilkin. Either way, this journey will cost you about 90 pesos. From Chiquila there is a ferry that leaves every hour to the small port of Holbox (60 pesos). If you are a group you might prefer one of the many small boats. The ferry takes one hour, the fishers´ boats are faster.
Once in Holbox you can simply walk to the centre (about 8 blocks) or rent a taxi golf cart. They charge 20 pesos to the centre, and a little more to the resorts on the other side…