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Sea and Beaches Lake Bacalar (Quintana Roo)

The beautiful lake Bacalar can be found south on Riviera Maya almost at the frontier with Belize. It´s often called the lake of seven colors thanks to its surface that has many tones from light green to deep blue. The water is clear, looks almost „Caribbean“ (thought it´s sweet) and the shores are decorated by mangroves. Hidden by them lie few eco cabins, nothing that resembles the mega touristy resorts of Cancun or Playa del Carmen. The ambient is peaceful, the lake surface magically calm (thought the afternoon winds ripple it a bit) and the sky at night is full of stars…
What here: Lake Bacalar is a great place to take a swim, relax or meditate. But you can also snorkel or rent a kayak. Visit a small fort (from pirate times) in the little Bacalar town next to the lake or take a boat ride to a cenote or through the canal of pirates (that connects the lake with the Caribbean). Lake Bacalar is also a good base camp for exploring less known Mayan ruins nearby (by car).

Where to stay:
You can find few cheaper or mid range hotels in Bacalar town, but generally there are not many options. Should you prefer more natural experience try one of these eco cabins: Kuuch Kaanil (beautiful cabins in front of a beautiful piece of lake, but very „eco“ and quite pricy, very nice staff, price: 150 - 200 USD) or Rancho Encantado (bigger choice of cabins, great food, price: 90 – 200 USD).
How to get here: By car or a bus (ask them to get you off on the main road). The trip from Cancun takes about 3,5 hours, from Tulum about 1,5 and from Chetumal just about 30 minutes. You can´t get lost, there is just one main road along Bacalar (carretera Cancun – Chetumal).