Are you looking for a perfect guide to Mexico? Do you need information about mexican hotels, hostels, transport, food, women, men, animals, politics or history? Recent news? Photos? Destinations? I LIVE IN MEXICO is a very personal, up to date and above all drasticaly subjective travel guide to Mexico. A guide for people that like to get to know this wonderful country in a non boring and rather adventurous way...
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Sea and Beaches Cancun (Quintana Roo)

Las Vegas in Mexico. Huge luxurious hotels on a narrow strip of sand and behind them wide bussy avenue full of shiny, over priced cabs. Casinos, shops, shop malls, dance clubs, night bars and big restaurants that have nothing to do with Mexico. You won´t see the typical Mexican girl selling quesadillas or fresh fruit from a small stand. These typical Mexican street sellers are forbidden in a Cancun  “paradise”.
What here:
Many agencies offer scuba dive trips, swimming with dolphins or you can make a one day trip to see the pyramids in Chichén Itzá or Tulum. And if you´ve got money, well you can shop and party.
How to get here:
There are many flights from Mexico City. You can also take a bus, but it will take ages to get here and you will end up paying just the same! Buses leave from terminal TAPO, the ride takes 24 hours! Here´s a list of few economic (but good) Mexican airlines: