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Sea and Beaches Tecotutla (Veracruz)

If you still insist on seeing The Golf, after all I said, then at least go to a small beach town called Tecotutla. It has a real Mexican spirit. Especially the beach area. The sellers of air balloons look like every moment they (and their “shop”) will take off to the sky, others push their trolleys with fresh shrimps or “raspados” (crushed ice with a sweet sauce) through the dark sand. In the shade of many “palapas” you can enjoy a beer or any alcoholic drink you might think of and if you get hungry any of the family run small restaurants will surely satisfy you. As for accommodation, there are mainly hotels and cheaper motels.
What here:
You can hire a small boat and visit the river Tecolutla hidden in a tropical lush and surrounded by mangrove trees. To get a nice kick for the ride, try local specialty Torito. It is a very strong alcohol mixed with a fresh fruit juice, the best tastes with guanabana or coco. But be careful, it´s really strong.

The other possibility is a trip to nearby ruins called Tajín.
How to get here:
Local buses move among Tecolutla and Papantla. To Papantla you can get by bus from Mexico City (5 hours) or Veracruz (4 hours).