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Sea and Beaches Todos Santos (Baja California)

This is an absolutely amazing, cute little town on the shores of Pacific. Separated, from long and wild beach by a palm trees grove, Todos Santos is a hub of surfers. The town´s small historical center has colonial buildings, unusual (for Mexico) red brick houses, trees, cacti and a lot of style. But get ready to pay for all this style, this is not a budget place. I can imagine writing a novel here. Or at least reading one.

Todos Santos has a unique air and was quite rightfully named one the „Pueblos Mágicos“ of Mexico.
What here: Surf. And if you don´t, then have a cup of coffee at the bar of Casa Tota boutique hotel, wonder lazily through the streets and watch the sunset over the Pacific. To get to the beach you need to take a dirt road behind the town and along the palm grove, it might be about 10 – 15 minutes drive and you might prefer to go in a four wheel.

Where to stay:
There are plenty very interesting boutique hotels! Most are near the historical downtown, few can be find at the beach or close to it. Try Casa Tota, Hacienda Todos los Santos, Posada el Molino, Hotel California, Serendipity (very romantic!), Posada la Poza or Rancho Pescadero.
How to get here: By car, it is about one hour drive from La Paz and a perhaps a little less from Cabo San Lukas.