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Sea and Beaches Loreto (Baja California)

Medium sized very traditional Mexican town Loreto is set at the Sea of Cortez about 4 hours drive from La Paz. It has a cute historical center with a small „plaza“ and a church, but the rest is rather uninteresting. However the journey here (from La Paz) is quiet amazing! Once you pass Ciudad Constitución the boring flats change into hills with huge cactus and all of a sudden breathtaking bays with azure water and white sand start to appear. You won´t know which one to pick up for a refreshing swim.
What here: If you have an adventurous heart (and a car you can use) you would love it here. Make a one day trip to Mision San Javier (you might need a four wheel), check the beautifull bays around Loreto (be aware there´s not much infrastructure – take food and drinks) and should you wish to see a little paradise made for American retirees (and other wealthy people :), stop at Loreto Bay Homes.

Where to stay:
Nicer hotels are close to the sea promenade, however we stayed at Angra which was nice and clean (about 20-30 minutes to Loreto´s city beach).
How to get here: The best is to rent a car in La Paz or Cabos. It is about 4 hours drive from La Paz. Some Americans come driving their own vehicle from the boarder which is fine too. Loreto has a small airport, however the flights are limited. PS: You can also sail here in your yacht :)