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Sea and Beaches La Paz (Baja California)

La Paz is a very pleasant town, not too big neither too small, situated on the south of Baja California peninsula. Thanks to its position on the shore of Mar de Cortez, it is hidden from the strong Pacific waves. That makes the beaches around La Paz ideal for swimming or kayaking.

The city offers very good choice of inexpensive accommodation, dinning and shopping. Plus it feels really safe – I have not seen so many policemen in one single town ever! La Paz is a favorite destination or home to many Americans and that is why you will hear a lot of English and see many „white“ faces :)
What here: La Paz is not historically rich, the main square and cathedral are ok, but you will be done with that in 10 minutes. The nicest area is Malecón – the sea promenade, great place for a walk during sunset!

The city beach (along Malecón) is ok and you can swim there, but way nicer are the small beaches about 15 – 20 minutes drive south (try Balandra or Tecolote)! They are very simple, natural beaches with calm waters and very few people. The travel agencies in town offer snorkeling or scuba diving trips with sea lions.

I also suggest you make a half day trip to Todos Santos. Beautiful little town (pueblo mágico) on the Pacific shore little more than an hour drive from La Paz.

Where to stay:
La Paz offers plenty to choose from, cheap hostels, mid range bed and breakfasts and some nicer bigger hotels. Most of them are along Malecón, but beware that none is at the beach (they might have sea views). Few minutes drive south, there are couple of good hotels at the yacht marina and a Costa Baja beach resort.
How to get here: La Paz has an airport. You can get here on a 1,5 hour flight from Mexico City, airlines I would recommend are Interjet and Aeromexico, thought there are few more. You can rent a car right at the airport or get a cab ride, it is about 15 – 20 minutes to town. You can also get to La Paz on a ferry (Bajaferries) from Los Mochis or Mazatlán. The port is about 15 minutes south from La Paz.