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Coming to DF

Just landed in DF, what now? Best of all is to exchange your money right at the airport. Surprisingly, they have the best rates. There are many exchange offices in the main hall. The exchange rate is aprox: 1 USD = 12 pesos.

To get to the center you have different options. Subway is one and definitely the cheapest (just 5 pesos). The stop “Terminal Aérea” is right at the Juarez Airport, terminal 1. The journey to the center will take you about an hour and you will have to change lines two times. Sometimes with big suitcases or backpack they won´t let you enter. From Terminal 2 there is a Metrobus (a special red bus) that s safe and takes you to the historical center in about 30 minutes (the price is 30 pesos).

The other option is a cab. Use only the airport official cabs. There are various registered cab providers in the main hall and their prices differ a little. At the window or a small stand you will buy your ticket (no taximeter, fixed prices) and then find your cab at the end of the hall. The price for a cab ride to the historical center is about 150 - 180 pesos.

The International airport Benito Juaréz in Mexico City has two terminals. An airport free train should normally run between the two terminals (you cannot walk from one to the other). When leaving, check from which terminal your airline company leaves, here is a list:

Terminal 1:
Air Canada (5571-0393)
Air France (5786-1138)
Alaska Airlines (2599-0667)
American Airlines (5728-0108)
Avianca (5571-4080)
British Airways (5785-8714)
Grupo Taca (5571-3242)
Iberia (2599-0229)
Interjet (5785-1101)
Japan Airlines (5571-8742)
KLM (5785-1279)
Lufthansa (5571-2702)
Mexicana Click (5786-6811)
United Airlines (5133-5800)
US Airways (5786-9328)

Terminal 2:
Aeromar (5133-1107)
Aeromexico (9132-6001)
Continental Ailines (2598-7134)
Copa (2598-7281)
Delta Airlines/Northwest (2598-7229)
LAN (2598-7300)

When you get of from the airport, at the customs, they will check the tickets corresponding to your bags. This is to prevent stealing. You will also have to push a button, if red light appears,  they will search your bags. Pure game of luck.