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Where to eat.

Generalito. This is a small cheap restaurant in the historical center with draught beer and “comida corrida” (midday menu) for about 50 pesos. The service is fast, the food is Mexican and there is usually one vegetarian dish on the menu. But hey ... for 50 pesos, don't expect luxury! Price: 50 - 70 pesos. Address: Fiomeno Mata, between Francisco Madero and 5 de Mayo, Centro Histórico

Café Tacuba.
Really nice traditional restaurant with typical Mexican dishes. You will find its discreet entrance on the Tacuba street (Historical center). Inside it is decorated with old tiles and the meal comes accompanied by life "Mariaches" music. For dinner, you might want to make a reservation. Main dish: 120 - 200 pesos.

El Diez.
Great steakhouse! El Diez is a restaurant chain with laid back ambient and delicious Argentinian cousine. Try "empanadas", "arrachera" (steak) and choose from their very good selection of wine. You can find El Diez in Condesa, Roma or on Reforma. Main dish: 160 - 250 pesos.

Taquería Tizoncito. Best "tacos al pastor" in town. Tacos are small tortillas served with spiced pork meat, onion, pinaple, fresh coriander and a spicy salsa. They taste great accompanied by beer. Tizoncito is a chain, you can find it all around the Capital. Main dish: 70 - 140 pesos.

Cantinas. Cantina is a Mexican pub. Some are ugly, dark and with dancing prostitutes. Others are visited by entire families (kids including) to have lunch. In those traditional ones there is one rule. If you drink you eat for free! One beer usually gets you some nuts or chips, but the second is already served with a proper plate. The food will not spoil you here, but that is not why you come. You come because it is a unique experience…and do not worry, my parents liked it :)