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City Transport


Cabs are real cheap and they´re on every corner. Sometimes the driver does not know where the place you want to go to is (Mexico City is huge) but don´t worry. They will simply figure it out on the way, often asking the garbage man or rolling down their window and shouting to the next driver while at a red light. It usually works out pretty well.

There is one problem though. Mexican cab drivers tend to kidnap their own passengers. Here are few tips how to protect yourself:

Look cheap. Do not dress fancy.

Official cabs are now painted gold-vinous.
Look for a drivers photo and a permit on the window.
If you do not like the face of the driver, it is better to get another cab.

“Taxi de sitio” or “radio taxi” may be more expensive but they are definitely more secure. It is recommendable to use them, especially at nighttime. 



A normal drive of aprox 15 minutes costs: 40 - 50 pesos. Almost double with radio taxi or taxi del sitio. 

In general cab drivers do not expect a tip, but it is always welcomed.



The ride is definitely not luxurious, but the price great. For only 5 pesos (about 40 cents) you can get anywhere! And sometimes it is the fastest way to move. It might get hot (literally speaking because some lines are without aircon) and there are so many people that without a little pushing you won´t be able to get into the train. Once inside, others (usually illegal sellers of CDs, chocolates or pens) will try to sale anything while passing through and pushing you around even more.

The tickets are sold in a ticket booth that is located on every station. Nowdays, you can also buy a plastic metrocard and charge it with credit.
Metro is usually reliable. Only when it rains for some reason there are big delays. You might get stuck in a train for as much as 20 minutes.




It is supposed to be a nicer bus that runs up and down one of the main streets in Mexico City “Insurgentes”. Thanks to a special line dedicated only to Metrobus, it is fast. However, in peak hours it gets unbearably packed and full of sexual harassers (elegant men in suits are not an exception). Otherwise it is relatively safe.
In an automat installed at the entrance you can get a plastic card and charge it with money. One ride costs 5 pesos.


"Pesero" city bus

Now this is something! Ripped and dirty seats, zero shock absorbers, music on max and a mentally unstable driver. But they stop on every corner (you just have to wave them) and they go to every corner. Usually behind the front window they have written all the destinations. If not, the driver will happily tell you. If you want to get off, you have to ring a small button above the door or shout at the driver. You pay directly to the driver. Depending on the distance the amount will be from 3 to 5 pesos.
I use them a lot and believe that those operating in the tourist center are safe, however I have heard stories of assaults on passengers.