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Cities Villahermosa (Tabasco)

Neither „villa“ (small town) nor „hermosa“ (beautiful). This big busy city (670 000 inhabitants) is setlled on the river Río Grijalva and has a tropical (hot and humid) climate. Villahermosa is not a typical tourist destination. Its main attraction is the open air Parque Museo La Venta, a combined Olmec archaeological museum and a zoo in a pretty park. Even thought not a tourist destination (or perhaps thanks to that) the local people are very nice!

What here: As already said, the main attraction is the Parque La Venta (a very nice 3 hours walk among huge Olmec heads and other monuments surrounded by Mexican fauna and flora). The rest of Villahermosa is rather uninteresting. You can walk a little bit around the Plaza de las Armas (newly polished main square) or in the pedestrian streets nearby where you find some cafés, restaurants, fast foods and shops. Save the trip to Malecón (water-bank promenade). I know it sounds it might be nice, but it´s not.

Where to stay:
There are not many options to choose from.

Hotel Oriente is a solid budget option in the center. It is on Lonely Planet´s list and though I was determined to find some other place, there is none! The rooms are charmless, but clean and sufficient. There is drinking water, wireless internet and the check out is at 1 pm. Price: 240 – 420 pesos. Tel: 993-312 0121

Those with a less tight budget might prefer somewhat nicer Hotel Provincia Express just behind the corner from Oriente. Price 480 – 530 pesos. Tel: 993-314 53 76, Or go behind the other corner and stay at Miraflores Villahermosa, modern bigger hotel with a café/bar/restaurant and nice rooms. Price 675 – 735 pesos.

How to get here: By bus from Palenque, Campeche or Tuxtla. The bus terminal is not far from the center however you will need a cab. If you come in a rush hour that might be a problem. There are plenty of cabs but beware that most of them work as “colectivos” and take various passengers at a time that go in the same direction. It might take a while to find the right one for you! The price to the center is about 20 pesos (colectivo) or 30-35 pesos for your own cab.