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Cities Veracruz (Veracruz)

Veracruz is a shining star of the Golf. Even thought the sea is horrible and houses cracked, the city lives! Night and day. People drink, sing and dance in the streets or parks. You will find very nice as well as very cheap hotels here.
What here:
There is a big fortress “San Juan de Ulúa” which originally stood on a small island. Now the island is connected with mainland. Along the port leads a street “Malecón” surrounded by small souvenir shops. You can also see fish in a huge aquarium “Acuario de Veracruz” or if you prefer, try them on a plate “a la Veracruzana” (in a red slightly hot sauce with vegetables). Dance, sing and enjoy life in Veracruz. Every year in February there is a huge carnival. It lasts more than a week. If you want to see it, you must reserve accommodation minimum two months before!
How to get here: Bus from Mexico City (5 to 6 hours)