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Cities Valladolid (Yucatán)

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This tranquil and beautifully colonial town is a perfect base for many trips on the Yucatán Península (Chichén Itzá, Ek Balam, Cobá o Río Lagartos). Even thought Valladolid has about 45 thousand inhabitants, the ambient is very calm and traditional. Except for the main plaza, the prices are very friendly and hotels are nice and way more affordable than in Cancun or on Riviera Maya. Right, there is no sea in Valladolid, but if you really need to dive into water you can do so in some of the many cenotes nearby.

The city was built on a Maya ceremonial center called Zací. As always the Spanish conquerors first destroyed everything, then built their new city and started with brutal exploitation of the original inhabitants. Perhaps because of that, the Maya made Valladolid one of their first points of attack in the 1847 outbreak called „The War of the Castes“.

What here: Walk through the beautiful colonial streets, check out the main square and the cathedral. If you got time walk few blocks southwest following the “Calzada de los Frailes” toward the church/ex-convent Templo de San Bernandino. Right in the city (few blocks east from the center) is cenote Zací. Or you can take local transport and visit more mysterious cenote Dzitnup and Samulá that are not far away (15 minutes). Swimming is allowed in all of them. Pyramids Chichén Itzá or Cobá are about 45 minutes away.

Where to stay:

Hotel San Clemente. Very affordable hotel right next to the cathedral. First you will be amazed by the beautiful garden full of palm trees and a nice swimming pool. Then you will be less amazed by the rooms. They are clean and spacious but they could really use some facelift. The ladies in the reception are not exactly friendly but they help with whatever you need. There is drinking water available and wi-fi in the reception area.
Price: 398 – 670 pesos.

Mesón del Marqués. This beautiful five star mansion/hotel is situated right at the main square. In the first inner patio you can find a romantic and very good restaurant (surprisingly not that expensive), the second patio offers a small swimming pool. You can choose from standard, superior rooms or suites.
Price: 735 – 2500 pesos.
How to get here: By ADO bus from Cancun (2-3 hours), Mérida (2-3 hours) or Tulum (2 hours). Cobá and Chichén Itzá are about 45 minutes away, you can get there either by ADO or local second class transport.