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Cities Tlayacapan (Morelos)

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If you would like to shop for Mexican art, then here. Tlayacapan is a very traditional, nice village about two hours from Mexico City. Its small streets are full of shops and stands with local „artesanía“. They offer flower pots, mud chimneys called „cocuchas“, ceramic, bags, „huaraches“ (Mexican flip-flops), lamps and other decoration, all for very reasonable prices. Apart from shopping, Tlayacapan is an ideal place to spend one or two days, relax, get rest from the busy monster called Mexico City.
What here: You can initiate your tour by visiting the ex-convent from 16th century „Convento de San Juan Bautista“ (proclaimed a cultural heritage by UNESCO) in the center of Tlayacapan. Part of it is now a small museum where mummies could be seen (opens Tuesday-Sunday, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, entrance 10 pesos). On the main square there is the pretty building of the town hall, market with food and local arts and a center of culture „La Cerería“. Now, I did not have enough time to visit this old house with arcades, but supposedly inside you can admire an impressive rain tank, sample of the oven used to manufacture candles and other kinds of the culture of Morelos. During the rain season a small river runs through the center of Tlayacapan and some mountains can be seen behind the last houses (the same mountain range that has Tepoztlán). According to locals a pyramid was recently discovered on the top of one of the hills, it is accessible, however full excavations did not start yet. Thanks to its nature and quite ambient, Tlayacapan is a perfect place to practice yoga, tai-chi or meditation.

Where to stay:
Casa Tonantzin.
 This hotel, holistic center lays a little outside from the downtown with a beautiful view on the mountains. The rooms are simple, white and harmonic, in the pillared arcade there is a restaurant and on the garden they have a swimming pool. You can practice yoga, tai-chi, try temazcal, visit their spa or let them clean your chakras (I have no idea how they do that). But it is a great place.
Price: 750 pesos (person per night, includes breakfast, lunch and dinner). Independencia 59 (signs will lead you from the downtown to the hotel).

Posada San Juan. A simple hotel, right in the downtown. On the inside patio there is a small (and not so clean) swimming pool, but the rooms are clean, spacious with tv, private bathroom and wi-fi coverage. They lack a style thought, perhaps some of the beautiful local art to decorate them would not be a bad idea. As far as service, we were attended extremely well and friendly.
Price: 400-500 pesos (room for 1 to 4 people). Corner of Emiliano Carranza and Hermenegildo Galeana. Tel: (01-735) 35 76 511.

How to get here: From Mexico City, terminal Taxqueña, buses leave directly to Tlayacapan every hour (39 pesos).

By car: take the highway to Cuernavaca. Before Cuernavaca turn to Tepoztlan or Cuatla, before getting to Cuatla there is an exit to Tlayacapan (or Oaxtepec). The other option is to leave Mexico City through Xochimilco and follow the road to Milpa Alta and Tlayacapan.