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Cities Tlalpujahua (Michoacán)

This Mexican „Christmas little town“ was a real surprise. I came in December during the famous Féria de la Esfera. Streets were filled with stands selling beautiful Xmas decoration and the warm afternoon sun shined on a huge Xmas tree standing on the main square. Quite surreal. When night felt, a parade of allegorical cars moved slowly through the cobbled streets. The only thing missing was Santa Claus ☺

In 2012 Xmas globules from Tlalpujahua were used to decorate trees in Vatican!

What here: Apart from the Christmas theme, you can also adore a beautiful church Santuario de Nuestra Señora de Carmen, San Francisco cloister or a church tower that is the only thing above earth … after a part of the old village collapsed during a mining tragedy in 1937. Tlalpujahua is on the list of “Pueblos Mágicos”, magic little towns worth visiting. Tip: After the walk, sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee on the roof in a restaurant La Terraza, historical center.
How to get here: Tlalpujahua is a great one day trip from Mexico City. Drive west (direction to Morelia) for about 2 hours. Not far away you can also find the Monarch butterflies sanctuaries, a unique thing to visit during the winter months.