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Cities Tepoztlán (Morelos)

About an hour south from Mexico City, among high peaks rising from the valley, lays a small city called Tepoztlán. The mountain rage, full of plum and zinc, according to many has magic powers and is full of energy. That is why, Tepoztlán, is a place of many shamans and witches. It is a place of sacred ceremonies, such as “temazcal”. Temazcal is an ancient Indian bath, a place made from mud in a shape of igloo. You get inside together with a guide (shaman) that pours water over the hot rocks (so it gets very hot and sweaty), sings and talks about ancient rituals while you clean your body with herbs... 

What here: The center has a nice traditional "plaza" with a monastery. Each Saturday and Sunday there is a local market. You will find plenty cafés, restaurants (great Mexican food for great price!) and all sorts of hotels. Most of them with spa, offering yoga and temazcal.

Right above the city, on the high peaks stands, hidden in bushes, an old pyramid Tepozteco. It was dedicated to the God of Pulque (Tepoztecatl), a fermented alcoholic drink that you can try in Mexico City or here in the streets of Tepoztlán. But to get there you have to climb a steep rocky path. The climb is not easy and takes minimum one hour! Once you finally get up, the first thing you see is a guy behind a plastic table who will charge you 42 pesos for the entrance to the pyramid. Frankly, the small ancient structure is not worth it, but the views from the top of the mountain are magnificent. Plus there´s another attraction, a small gang of Tejones. Cute furry animals, that will do anything to get a nut. 

How to get here: By bus from Mexico City (Terminal Tasqueňa) it takes about one hour and costs 104 pesos.The bus leaves you at a crossroads from which you either have to walk to the city along the main road (10 - 15 minutes) or take a cab (30 pesos). From Cuernavaca there are frequent buses.