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Cities Puebla (Puebla)

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Puebla is a city of tiled houses. Tiles everywhere. Thanks to tiles it was also proclaimed by UNESCO a world heritage. Streets are clean, tidy and very safe (during the entire weekend we have not seen a single police man…I suppose they are not needed here). Students work on their laptops in public parks (if you try that in Mexico City you´ll survive 5 minutes max). People are, or at least pretend to be, very religious, the atmosphere is familiar and that means zero night life. Almost.
What here: Take pictures of tiles, if it is Sunday see the flea market on “Plazuela de los Sapos” or try one of many local food specialties. “Mole” is a famous dark sauce made of chile, chocolate and other at least 20 ingredients. Or “Chile Poblano” pepper stuffed with nuts, minced meat, bathed in a white sauce and decorated with grains of garnet apple.

You can visit nearby city Cholula with a huge pyramid hidden under the hill.
How to get here: Bus from Mexico City (Tapo). Autobuses Unidos leave every 20 minutes (120 pesos). ADO every 15 minutes (142 pesos). Estrella Roja has two classes, first class and direct second class that makes few stops in DF. Their buses also leave from Tasqueňa, Norte or Aeropuerto. The trip takes 2 hours, more if there is trafic. The bus terminal in Puebla is far from the city center. You either have to use a cab (around 55 pesos) or a city bus that leaves you 3 blocks from the center.

Bus from Oaxaca. ADO o AU, 4 hours 30 minutes, 372 pesos.