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Cities Pátzcuaro (Michoacán)

Magic Pátzcuaro. Locked among hills and a huge lake lays an original centre of Indians from the Purépechas tribe. They were the only tribe to know to work the copper and bronze thanks to which successfully resisted all the attacks from the Aztec emporium. According to some historians, if Cortez would not conquered the Aztecs then Purépechas would. In their language, Pátzcuaro, is a “a door to heaven”. And so it looks with its curvy stone paved streets, small white houses and green patios. Even though it is a city, the atmosphere is more of a village. You will find a variety of middle priced to cheap accommodation.
What here:
Every Sunday you can buy cheap and wonderful wooden furniture and other hand-made stuff on the market (Plaza Grande). Next to the other square (Plaza Chica) is a typical food market and an old library with an amazing mural inside. I also suggest you visit the house with eleven patios “Casa de los Once Patios” (5 minutes walk from the Plaza Grande). It is a labyrinth of small houses and gardens, now serves as workshops with local hand-made art. Free entrance.
How to get here:
Bus from Mexico City (Terminal Poniente) 5 hours or from Morelia City (1 hour).