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Cities Nuevo Casas Grandes (Chihuahua)

This is not exactly a pretty place. Wide empty streets, railway that has not been in use for years, half broken houses, zero tourists. You better don´t get out in this city at nights. Maybe not even during the days. Ok, maybe I am exaggerating a little. However it is the place you have to get to (or through, at least) if you want to see the ancient ruins of Paquimé. The nicer, friendlier older village Casas Grandes (about 15 minutes from Nuevo Casas Grandes and closer to the archeological site) has no hotels (except for Guacamayas). Plus all the long distance buses from Chihuahua or Ciudad Juarez go only to Nuevo Casas Grandes. On the ride from Chihuahua you will actually see some really nice countryside.
What here: The only attraction and probably the only reason to come here is to see the ancient city of Paquimé, declared world heritage by UNESCO.

Where to stay:

Hotel Juaréz:
Very cheap option for very brave people. Hotel Juarez stands right next to the bus station. The entrance is usually occupied by few teethless filthy folks, the hotels´ clients. Warm water no guaranteed and as far as the rooms, well just do not expect miracles. It´s very cheap though.
Price: 100 – 140 pesos. Right next to the bus terminal, Nuevo Casas Grandes.

Hotel California: If you are not that brave I suggest you walk two more blocks towards the railway. Hotel California is an ok place, clean and safe. The rooms have a ventilator, tv and are quite well decorated (but the matraces are a disaster). At the reception there is free water and the hotel counts with parking space.
Price: 300 – 350 pesos. Avenida Constitución 209, Nuevo Casas Grandes. Tel: (636) 6941110,

How to get here: Few buses leave daily from Chihuahua (260 - 350 pesos, about 4 to 5 hours). Others come from Ciudad Juarez. The airport in Chihuahua is small and modern but the only way to get to the Chihuahua bus terminal is an expensive taxi (169 pesos). You can also come to Chihuahua by bus from Mexico City (1175 pesos) but it will be a very very long journey.