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Cities Malinalco (Estado de México)

About hour and a half south from Mexico City lies another “pueblo mágico” Malinalco. Located in a dry and hot land with cactuses and surrounded by high rocks, Malinalco is a perfect destination for a lazy weekend. With its paved narrow streets, old houses and a small local market it resembles more a village then a small city. You can easily walk from one place to the other and never get across many tourists.

Visit Malinalco with me. You can find this destination in the offer of one day organized tours from Mexico City.

What here: Malinalco does not have much of a night life. But during the day you can visit the monumental convent on the main square “Convento Augustino de la Transiguración de Jesús” or look for some of the other small, kind of hidden churches. Some are surrounded by gardens where strange trees grow, they don´t have leafs just beautiful big pink flowers. Malinalco streets are full of flowers and it is worth to just walk around, led them lead you, get lost for a little while.
The main attraction is an old pyramid dedicated to jaguar and eagle warriors. It is situated on the high rocks over Malinalco, but easily accessible. You still have to climb, yes, but it is no way as difficult as for instance in Tepoztlán.
You can eat well and cheap on the small food market next to the main square or well and expensive in some of the restaurants around there as well. The only problem was to find a cup of good espresso around nine in the morning. Looks like the owners of the cafes and restaurants in Malinalco like to get a nice long sleep.

Where to stay: In the northern and central part of Malinalco you will find many accessible small hotels, some even with a pool (thanks to the warm climate). Further behind the city there are also few boutique hotels.

How to get here: There are few direct buses from Mexico City, Terminal Poniente (which you will find at the subway station Observatorio). There are more buses going to Malinalco from Toluca or Tenancingo.