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Cities Huasca de Ocampo (Hidalgo)

Huasca is a really small, pretty village. However each time I come it has to rain! Still its worth it. Houses are old with thick walls and orange facades, streets are cobbled, the air is fresh and windy and people still dress traditionally. The village has „only“ 15 201 inhabitants and basically ends couple of blocks from the center. The main square offers an interesting church from the 17th century „San Juan Bautista“, Casa de la Cultura and a nice park. Huasca definitely deserves to be on the list of „Pueblos Mágicos“ (magic places).
What here: Huasca is so small that you really need just one hour to get to know it (and that includes a coffee break :). Below the arcades you will find small shops and a few restaurants. Usually they have very good food for low prices, try Las Fuentes.

But there is plenty to do in the vicinity. Four ex-haciendas: San Miguel Regla, ex-hacienda de Hueyapan and Sta. María Regla. The fourth one is on the bottom of the dam San Antonio, only parts of the building and the chimney stack could be seen today. 5 minutes from Huasca you can visit Prismas Basálticos, impressive basalt formations and about 30 minutes drive is Peña del aire, a big rock sitting over a 500 meters deep canyon. Should you travel with kids, try Museo de los Duendes (something like a hobbit village from the Lord of the Rings).

Where to stay:

Mesón Rangel
is a comfortable budget option, just behind the main church. The rooms are clean and some have a terrace which is excellent for having a glass of wine (especially when its raining). Price: 350 – 550 pesos, including a small breakfast. Tel: (01) 771-7920 572,

La Casa Azul is on the other hand a place for demanding travelers. A very pretty romantic hotel in a historical setting behind a tall blue wall next to the main square. Each room is slightly different, the central patio has a garden restaurant and a pool. Price: 1000 – 1400 pesos including breakfast. Tel: (01) 771 – 7920 134,
How to get here: By your own car or a private transport, its about 2 to 3 hours drive north from Mexico City.