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Cities El Oro (Michoacán)

El Oro, a small mining village not far from Mexico City, is a very strange place. You will find houses of very different styles, the town hall is snow white and very elegant, but right next to it, stands a small wooden red house … as if stolen from Norway. A little bit further you can admire a classic “European style” theatre, have lunch in a train restaurant or climb a tall mining tower. A little bit hotchpotch … but nice.
What here: Simply walk the streets. It should not take you more than 2 to 3 hours. It is worth to climb the mining tower with a decent view, visit the train/restaurant (Express Minero) and then perhaps visit the water dam behind El Oro (about 15 minutes drive behind the village).

How to get here: By car from Mexico City, drive west for about two hours. If you hurry up you might have time to see also a nearby Tlalpujahua … another and perhaps even more interesting magic little own.