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Cities Cholula (Puebla)

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Another one day trip from Mexico City. This small town on the way to Puebla has a nice square, the building that used to be a market serves now as middle range hotels and its arcade hides various bars and cafes. If you follow the main street, in ten minutes you get to a big hill. Under him is an old pyramid Tepanapa (the biggest pyramid in the world!). From the original pyramid only small parts have been excavated, but through a system of tunnels you can see it from inside. On the top of a hill/pyramid was later constructed a small yellow chapel “Santuario de Nuestra Seňora de los Remedios”. On a clear day you get a nice view on the volcano Popocatepetl. Cortéz promised to build in Cholula as many churches as days in a year. Reality is far from that though there are many.

Visit Cholula and Popocatépetl with me. You can find this destination in the offer of one day organized tours from Mexico City.
What here: Where to stay:

Right at the main square above the arcades of what used to be the market building (Portal Guerrero) you can find Hotel Casa Calli. It is a nice well located middle range place with a swimming pool and clean smaller rooms (450 – 820 pesos).

Villas Arqueológicas Cholula. Villas Arqueológicas is a chain of hacienda look alike hotels located nearby major archeological sites. In Cholula, it is perhaps one of the nicest hotels you can find. 44 somewhat darker but pretty decorated rooms surround a big garden with a swimming pool and an outside restaurant. The hotel is located right below the pyramid, but a little walk away from the historical center.
Price: 890 - 1870 (depending on season and special offers).

How to get here:
By bus from Mexico City (terminal Tapo) or from Puebla. On the way back you can get off below a big bridge and get a local transport to Amecameca. From there it is easy to visit the volcano Popocatepetl.