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Cities Aguascalientes (Aguascalientes)

Under this city many hot springs (Aguascalientes = hot water) could be found however today there is not one thermal bath left. Who knows why. Maybe in the hot desertic climate around Aguascalientes, hot thermal bath was not what one would look for. The city is relatively modern and big (660 000 inhabitants) with a nicely preserved historical center. People come here mainly in the spring time to see the San Marcos Festival (bullfights, rooster fights, music, folkloric dance and expos).
What here: Take a walk through the historical center all the way to San Marcos expo place. Start at the main square with the Cathedral, follow on Carranza Avenue that is packed with interesting cafés, bars and restaurants. After about 15 minutes (should you not get stuck in some cozy bar) you will get to the “Jardín de San Marcos”, a well kept park with a church of the same name. San Marcos expo center is about another ten minutes walk from this church.

Aguascalientes is also known for its museums, among them the most interesting is probably “Museo Nacional de la Muerte” museum of the death). This is not a dungeon kind of experience...death is part of Mexican culture and traditions.

Where to stay:
Hostel La Katharina (Tel: 01449-9165750,, a good budget option, can be found right on Carranza Avenue. It has ONLY dorms, the furniture is new and clean and you will find some interesting recycled pieces. One night costs about 130 pesos.
Middle of the road option, Hotel Imperial, is situated in the very center on one corner of the main square facing the Cathedral. The building has some appealing historical touches inside, some nice arcs and patios. The furniture is also somewhat “historical” but the rooms are comfy, clean and some have nice views. Price 390 – 780 pesos.
Good quality big Hotel Fiesta Americana stands in the very heart of San Marcos expo center (about 20 minutes walk from the Zócalo). Price about 1500 pesos.

During San Marcos Festival prices double and all hotels get full. Fiesta Americana charges from 3 to 7000 pesos a night! Get your reservation in time.

How to get here: By bus from Mexico City, Terminal Norte (about 6 hours and 500 pesos). Or from Querétaro (3 hours), Guanajuato (3 hours), Zacatecas (1 hour 45 minutes, 110 pesos) or Guadalajara (3 hours).