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Cities Acapulco (Guerrero)

Elvis Presley, sun tanned boys jumping from the high cliff to the waves, exotic cocktails, hot nights and rock and roll music. Feels like you saw it in some old movie? You are right. It´s history. Today, Acapulco is just a packed resort full of Mexican middle and lower class. Retro hotels along the big bay, strange individuals offering something slightly resembling a massage on the beach, sellers of sunglasses that look “almost Gucci” or musicians in black tight outfits and sombreros. It is real Mexico! Even though Acapulco´s famous days are over there are still things to see and ways to enjoy oneself. Avoid coming during national holidays because then literally all Mexico City moves to Acapulco.
What here:
Let them spread the coco oil over your body (they call it a massage), sip piňa colada, shop cheap right on the beach and with any luck you might get to see the big Acapulco star. Mr “Radio Lata”. Pay him to hit some of his cans and “sing” to you. You´ll never forget it. Check him out on

From the other side of the bay every morning trip boats leave with tourists. You will see young boys jumping from “Quebrada” (just like in Elvis movies), then you stop to snorkel and have a snack in a restaurant while watching a shaman dance.
How to get here:
Buses leave every moment from Mexico City (Tasqueňa). It takes about 6 hours to get to Acapulco. The terminal in Acapulco is near the centre, still you better get a cab (40-50 pesos) to get you to your hotel. Hotels are cheaper if you get a reservation through some travel agency or on the web. At the Acapulco bus terminal there are also various offers. If you are looking for something cheap (200-300 pesos a night) you must look further from the beach. Acapulco also has an airport.