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Latin America Lake Titicaca (Peru)

Lake Titicaca is set 4000 meters above sea level and surrounded by mountains. The air is fresh, but thin and thanks to the altitude it looks like clouds sail almost on the lake´s surface. Legend says that God Virachoca ascended from the deep dark water of Titicaca and created time, Earth, animals and people...
About one third of the lake belongs to Bolivia and two thirds to Peru. The city of Puno (on the Peruvian side) is also the best point to visit the floating islands of UROS.
What here: The floating UROS islands are actually one of the main attractions. The boats leave from the small port of Puno (where by the way is also a huge handcrafts market). The first step on the floating island is fascinating and unique experience. Colourfuly dressed natives will tell you all about their lives and how the islands are constructed. Then (unfortunately) they will push a little bit too hard to sell you their overpriced goods. “Selling” UROS is their main income today. You can also take a ride on their boat from “totora” (the same material they use to build the islands). This trip takes about half a day. Should you wish to, you can also go further to the islands Taquile and Amantani where you can sleep in local family houses (get ready for Spartan conditions: dirty small room, dry toilet and a bucket of cold water instead of shower :).

Where to stay: There are many inexpensive options in Puno. However, Puno is a chaotic and rather ugly city. It is so much NICER to stay in one of the hotels outside and on the shores of Titicaca!
How to get here: To get to Puno you can either take a bus from Cuzco or Arequipa (in both cases a long ride of 6 – 8 hours). You can also fly to Juliaca (the closest city with an airport – one hour 15 minutes from Puno). TACA and LAN have few flights every day. Cabs in Puno are cheap.