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Latin America Sillustani (Peru)

Sillustani is a beautiful and mystical place about one hour drive from Puno (lake Titikaka). On a hilltop over a lake called Umayo ancient civilizations build “chulpas”, stone mounds. These might have served as burial thumbs (thought no human rests were ever found) or as cases to store energy … as local shamans like to believe. They claim strange energy can still be perceived in the place … and I (thought no shaman :) agree. The best time to visit Sillustani are late afternoons, with the sun coming down the place looks really impressive. Also, climb all the way to the top of the hill to see an island in a shape of a table mountain on the other side of the lake.
What here: You will find few simple houses around the entrance, small parking lot, few stands with local crafts and basic toilets, but that´s about it. The rest is pure, deserted nature. Follow the paved street that after about 10 minutes walk changes into a steeper dusty path. Two hours are optimal time for visiting Sillustani. Find a perfect spot, sit down and watch, feel this amazing place all around you. Beware that evenings can be quite chilly in here. Entrance fee is about 10 Soles.
How to get here: Get a cab from Puno. It is less than one hour drive. Other option is to hop on a bus to Juliaca and ask them to let you off at the crossroads to Sillustani. There, usually local cabs and “colectivos” are waiting. Or get a trip from Puno with some travel agency.