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Latin America Pisac (Peru)

These great ruins will make happy all those who like to walk a lot! And hike. Pisac was build around the hilltops above the Sacred Inca Valley. It is spread out and a one way walk (from top down to the Pisac village) will take you at least two hours. But, it will be an amazing walk … kind of like you are walking on an ancient Inca´s trail (which you actually will be). Small path will take you around the hills, through an old tunnel and lead you over steps cut into stone! Every ten minutes a different view will envelope in front of you. A good physical condition and good boots are a must!
What here: Ask a cab to take you up at the main entrance and then walk down to the Pisac village (2 hours). You can also just see the main upper ruins part and return by cab, but it is not as impressive as to walk down. Once you reach the village (walking), the main street will take you to the “plaza” where a REALLY nice crafts market is held daily (closes about 5pm). Here, you will also find decent places to sit down, eat or rest over a cup of coffee.

Where to stay:
Thought Pisac also offers some small hotels, many people usually stay in Cuzco and just come here on a one day trip. If you have time to spare, I think staying one night in Pisac might actually be a wonderful experience. It is much more chilled and cheaper...
How to get here: Pisac is often on the list of all travel agencies in Cuzco. But you can come here on your own, by a minibus from Cuzco. The journey takes about one hour. Many people stop in Pisac on the way to Ollantaytambo and Machu Picchu.