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Cities Guanajuato. The city below the earth (Guanajuato)

Guanajuato used to be a very rich mining town, now with its huge university it is a city of youth and students. The small houses have all the colors, from orange to blue or shining green and the streets among them are so tiny that hardly one car can get through. According to our cab driver this is because the city is very old and was once built on the hills without much thought for a future modern infrastructure. As he said: “It was built so the horses with the loads of silver, gold or rock could pass.” And that is also the reason why all the big streets, bus stops, parking lots and other things had to be built later below the earth. It is a city of eternal tunnels.
Guanajuato is safe and thanks to its many students there´s lots of night life. In the centre, in front of the Templo de San Diego, every night students dressed in historical costumes sing “serenatas” as in old times. Across the park you will find many nice bars and restaurants. The city was called a world heritage by UNESCO.
What here:
A visit to the mines is one option. You can also shop for cheap silver and gold. Or get on a funicular (if they decide to run it today) that takes you to a „Pípila“ monument. From this high up point you can see the whole city and the surrounding hills. There´s also a famous “Callejón del Beso”. In my opinion a little overestimated attraction. According to an old legend, a daughter from a rich family falls in love with a poor boy from the mines. He rents a room in the same street she lives, and because the street is so narrow that its balconies almost touch, the lovers can in secret kiss each other. It has a tragic end.
Exhacienda San Gabriel de Barrera. 20 minutes by cab from Guanajuato lays an old colonial hacienda that belonged to the mines of gold and silver. You can see it all by yourself, the building still has most of its original furniture. Outside there are 17 beautiful gardens, each one with a different style or theme. The visit takes from one to two hours.
How to get here: Bus from Mexico City (Terminal Norte). It takes about 4 hours. Or from San Miguel Allende (one hour and a half).